Proven reliability
To allow you to keep your oven operational even in the most critical moments BONNET has developed the technology of TwinControl.
Precijet+ automatically detects, analyses and corrects faults linked to its external environment to watch over your cooking.
Precijet+ ensures you have continuity of service by offering alternatives to vital functions!

The Precijet+ combination oven brings you cooking performance, reliability, speed of execution and simplicity of operation, thanks to its intuitive interface: FastPAD 2. Precijet+ is fitted with FullCleaning System: the first cleaning system to be fully automatic without the need for any handling, the most economic on the market.

BONNET, in conjunction with BUREAU VERITAS CODDE, has studied the life cycle of its BONNET combi oven range, from the extraction of natural resources up its recycling at the end of its service life. BONNET is committed to always offering you ovens that respect the environment more.

With identical use, Precijet+ will save you:
30% in water
30 minutes per day

A level of cooking quality recognised throughout the world by the best chefs

BOMBEN Alberto
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